The School of the Bible is a continuing education program designed to train lay people to be better prepared to serve the Lord in the local church.  The enrollment is open to high school juniors and seniors, and all adults who have a sincere desire to know more of God’s Word.

General Information

The Moab School of the Bible, which uses the curriculum developed by the Knoxville School of the Bible (a ministry of Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee), is a ministry of Moab Baptist Church.

Classes meet Monday evening beginning at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall of Moab Baptist Church.

Each semester lasts about thirteen weeks.  The fall semester begins in the month of September on the week after Labor Day.  The spring semester begins on the last full week in the month of January.  School is not in session during the summer months.

 Three classes are offered each semester.  There are a total of twelve classes in the entire program of study.  If a student enrolls in all three classes each semester, the student will finish the School of the Bible in two years.

Students may enroll in the School of the Bible at the beginning of any semester.  There are no pre-requisite classes. There is a cost for the School of the Bible.  Contact the church office for more information (435.259.8481).

Recommended textbooks and supplementary materials are available on the Internet.  Purchase of these materials is optional.

Students should bring a Bible to class.  Materials will be provided on which to take notes.  Students must attend the classes in order to receive credit.  If a student is absent more than three times, the student must retake the class to gain credit for the class. 

Each student who completes the School of the Bible will receive a Biblical Studies Certificate from the Moab School of the Bible. 

Course Schedule

First Year: (Fall Semester) Personal Evangelism, Survey of the Old Testament I, Basic Bible Doctrine I; (Spring Semester)  Methods of Bible Study, Survey of the Old Testament II, Basic Bible Doctrine II

Second Year: (Fall Semester) Survey of the New Testament I, Teaching the Bible, The Christian Home; (Spring SemesterSurvey of the New Testament II, The New Testament Church, The Life of Christ

Each Monday evening, the class times are as follows: 1st Class – 6:00-6:40 PM; 2nd Class – 6:45-7:25 PM; 3rd Class – 7:30-8:10 PM


Students register for classes prior to the beginning of each semester.  Payments are accepted at this time as well.  For a registration form, please e-mail: churchoffice@moabbaptistchurch.org or contact the church office (435.259.8481).


Please direct any questions to Pastor Cole Howe.

Upcoming Events

  • Nov23

    Sunday School & Bible Classes @ 10 AM

    Sunday, Nov 23, 2014

    Exciting Bible classes for all ages and stages of life! Guests: Evangelist Greg & Sandy Waggoner

  • Nov23

    Morning Service @ 11 AM

    Sunday, Nov 23, 2014

    Guests: Evangelist Greg & Sandy Waggoner All-Church Thanksgiving Dinner follows the morning service.

  • Nov23

    Evening Service @ 6:30 PM

    Sunday, Nov 23, 2014

  • Nov24

    Moab School of the Bible ENDS

    Monday, Nov 24, 2014

    Semester ends

  • Nov26

    Mid-Week Service @ 7 PM

    Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014

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